In the winter of 2008 Lisa traveled to South Africa. While there she met a 16-year-old Zimbabwean refugee. When he turned 18, he aged out of eligibility for support in South Africa. He lost his refugee status, had to put his education on hold and was forced to return to Zimbabwe. It was a really dangerous trip for him to make, so they decided to have a passcode when they spoke to make sure he was safe. They used a simple system: their favorite animals — Lisa’s was the monkey, his was the elephant.


When Lisa returned home she was inspired by what she had experienced with her friend in Africa and wanted to help others like him here in the U.S.  With a background in coffee already under her belt, Lisa decided to open Philadelphia’s first non-profit coffee shop, which would benefit former foster youth.  With Lisa’s help, Philadelphia-area foster youth now have a community and a place to call their own.


Idea begins.


Pop-Up at Taffet’s with Michell (First Youth)!


Pop-Up at The Transfer Station with Ken.



Pop-Up at The Impact Hub.

Turning Point Prize to Fund Pilot Program with Tyrone and Naje.

Opened first brick-and-mortar location at 2831 West Girard Avenue, with five youth employees